• Embarrassed to speak Spanish in front of your family and friends?
  • Need to practice the language with someone who knows the correct grammar, pronunciation and slang but won’t break the bank?
  • Want to move at your own pace in a relaxed, one-on-one, contextual setting?

Try The Spanish Talker!

Elizabeth Quan Kiu Vazquez is an editor, freelance writer and adjunct professor at Triton College. She has more than 45 years of experience mastering the Spanish language. She studied at Mexico City's prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and has a bachelor's degree in journalism, and master's degree in communication.

At 30, she moved to Chicago to pursue a journalism career in the United States. She is bilingual (where her strength is in Spanish) and wants to help others feel confident in their ability to speak her native language.

Spanish speakers of all levels are welcome.

A 25 minute coffee date is $13 and a discount is applied if you book multiple sessions.